Melanie Sherman Ceramic Artist in Kansas City, MO

Melanie Sherman, a German-born artist, currently resides and works in Kansas City, Missouri. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in ceramics from the Kansas City Art Institute, her artistic journey is influenced by her background in graphic design, which honed her keen eye for patterns and decorative elements. Within her ceramic practice, she skillfully merges her passion for ornamentation with a deep fascination for the historical legacy of ceramics, specifically drawing inspiration from 18th-century European porcelain. Melanie’s artistic pursuits have taken her on extensive travels across China, Japan, Hungary, France, Luxembourg, Holland, England, and Germany, allowing her to delve into the realms of both historic and contemporary porcelain production. These experiences kindled her appreciation for prestigious ceramic wares.

As a resident at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét, Hungary, she had the privilege of studying under the renowned Latvian artist, Ilona Romule. This residency deepened her love for working with plaster and engaging in meticulous porcelain painting. Furthermore, her residency at The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China provided her with a remarkable opportunity to collaborate with local craftsmen, resulting in a body of work that explores the intricate relationship between cultures and the enduring influence they exert on one another through the medium of ceramic arts.

Melanie has been a resident at The Archie Bray Foundation and Anderson Ranch, where she engaged in the creation of innovative forms and experimented with overglaze decorations that harmonize with her studies of historical porcelain artifacts. She has exhibited in exhibitions spanning Hungary, Canada, and America. Notably, she was the recipient of the prestigious 2014 Regina Brown Undergraduate Fellowship from the National Council for Education of the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) and the 2014 Windgate Fellowship Award presented by The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design.