Ring | Red, Blue & Gold Flowers | 925 Sterling Silver | Gold Plated | Round | Sizes 6 – 8 | Dimensions: h24mm x w19mm x d14mm | Materials: Porcelain, Glaze, Vintage Decal | Metal type: 925 Sterling Silver

“Ceramic artist and china painter Melanie Sherman creates beautiful sterling silver jewelry pieces with porcelain stones. Decorated with vintage decals from Europe and Asia, these one-of-kind pieces tell the story of historic porcelain wares, used as dinnerware in 18thCentury.”

POSTPONED | 2024 | Mendocino Art Center * More is More: Overglaze Techniques on the Ceramic Surface CONCEPT: This workshop is designed to marry the ceramic form with imagery, personalize the student’s ceramics work, and discover new surface decoration techniques, such as chinapainting, luster and decal application. These overglaze techniques are used all over the…

My ceramics are handmade and painted with the finest overglazes from Europe. The gold luster used is 24k liquid Gold from Germany. Every piece is unique. My imagery is inspired by vintage Meissen dinnerware, William Morris wallpaper and other historic sources.

Porcelain, a material that embodies sophistication and delicate craftsmanship, captivates hearts with its ethereal beauty and enduring appeal. This exquisite ceramic, renowned for its luminous translucency and refined textures, showcases the harmonious convergence of natural elements and human artistry, creating a symphony of elegance that has enraptured connoisseurs for centuries.

In the realm of artistic expression and geological marvels, speckled clay emerges as a mesmerizing fusion of nature’s ingenuity and human craftsmanship. This distinct variant of clay, characterized by its scattered particles, evokes a sense of wonder through its unique appearance, intricate formation processes, and profound significance in the world of art and crafts.