This is the outline of the design I am incorporating into the wallpaper. The goal is to repeat the pattern in a way that isn’t broken up when printed continuously on wallpaper.
I copied the design onto a separate sheet of printer paper, to play around with overlapping flowers and corset imagery. A variation of linework and a distinctive color scheme are important to me but can be further adjusted within the digital image for the final print.
Here I colored within the lines with yellow, red and blue markers. I am interested in the white space around the images as well. I love how the flowers spill out of the corset.
Through cutting the paper and putting it back together I now have a design that can be repeated on a bigger scale. I am loving the flow of the combination of white space, flowers, and corsets.
This is the wallpaper design, printed on a bunch of printer sheets and spread out on the floor. Unfortunately, the printer breaks these images up and produces a line in between the individual images. But I can’t wait to see these in a continuous pattern on a wall!