This is the best white glaze I have found so far: smooth, luscious, glossy, white – perfect for china-painting. It covers nicely and is true white on most porcelains. For B-Mix or stoneware, I usually apply two coats of white underglaze before I glaze and it comes out as a silky glossy white. I have tried firing to cone 5, with a 15-minute hold, but that sometimes leads to a runny glaze. So now I just fire to a cone 6, no hold, and it is perfect.

Melanie Sherman Cerbera Gallery Tea Bowls White Glossy Smooth Luscious Cone 6 Glaze

Three Tea Bowls with White Glossy Smooth Luscious Cone 6 Oxidation Glaze: “Just Plain White”

Silica 325: 31%
Nepheline Syenite: 30%
Gerstley Borate: 21%
Strontium Carbonate: 15%
Zircopax: 10%
EPK: 10%
Wollastonite: 8%
Bentonite: 2%