I always have to remind myself that little mishaps will lead to bigger and better things.

After a couple of months of wheel throwing and slip casting, I am back behind the wheel. China Painting is almost like riding a bike, but you have to find your way back to it every time you start again. Sometimes the pigments are grainy and don’t mix as well as the last time, the medium is thicker or thinner and messes with your line quality… I try to do a couple of test runs, but usually “production time” creeps up on me and I have little time to play around. 

Today my neck muscles hurt, my elbows ache, but I know this will pass. When I unloaded my small kiln this morning with all the shiny new objects it was already forgotten. I L.O.V.E. china painting! Once I get to this stage, I can spend months and months on surface decoration, just china painting my days away.