Melanie Sherman at Cerbera Gallery - Contemporary Ceramics Art Gallery in Kansas City, MO

We are currently prepping this space on 2011 Baltimore to be a pop-up shop and salon style gallery for contemporary ceramics (and other art forms) for March First Friday and NCECA 2016, partnering with Cerbera Gallery and The Nevica Project from Chicago.

It will be exhibiting work from contemporary ceramic artists including: Mariko Brown, Jane Shallenbarger, Chandra DeBuse, Jessica Brandl, Brandon Schnur, Sunshine Cobb, Kjunming Park, Steven Lee, Stephanie Kantor, Mariko Paterson, Bobby Tso, Meredith Host, Erica Iman, David Bolton, Alex Watson, Dan Anderson, Amy Santoferraro, Brice Dyer, Cydney Ross, Jamie Bates Sloan, Kim LaVonne Luther, Jennifer Wilkinson and more.

2011 Baltimore St.
Kansas City, MO 64108